The Value of Illustrations

Recently pastor Jeff Harlow from Kokomo, Indiana broke his arm in a dirt bike accident. Nothing new there, except it happened to him while he was preaching (see story here). I’m sorry he broke his arm, though I admittedly would have laughed had I been in the service.

Deep down inside I really don’t care if you employ Seeing Eye Chickens or Cooking Baboons in your sermons. Provided you can do so without your illustration overpowering the biblical text.

What do you want people to remember? Obviously, it should be the timeless truth of God’s Word. For that to be accomplished I must remember that illustrations simply illustrate, they don’t carry the day.


2 Responses

  1. I never really thought about it in this way, but you are right. I guess sometimes we all let our own cleverness and ego get the best of the situation, huh? I do anyway.

    Btw, I think you do a very good job with your sermons. Enough personality is infused to keep me alert and engaged, and yet the message is always there. Sometimes too much for own comfort! (Sadly, I haven’t been in for-EVAH. Unless the podcast counts….)

    Oh…and congrats on the blog. It’s always a little weird at first to know that people are actually reading it.


  2. I think I just found a “one-up” to your dirt bike story.


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