The Creation Project

I enjoy watching any kind of good craftsmanship. I’m amazed when an individual randomly chooses boards and creates a beautiful family heirloom, or takes a few pieces of leather, and fashions a well-designed saddle. Unfortunately, I will always just watch good craftsmanship from afar. I possess neither the patience nor the skill to produce anything beyond that which a well-disciplined third grader could likely replicate.
The first chapter of Genesis invites me into the workshop of a true master craftsman. Once inside, I look around, instantly struck by what I do not see. I should see odd-looking tools and the various components necessary to produce the craftsman’s design. However, to my astonishment, in the workshop of this first chapter of Genesis, I see no tools, no raw materials, only one Person working.
The same God, who would later send His only Son to die on the Cross for my sins, works on His project. He does not fashion a chair out of wood or glue macaroni to a plate. No, He starts with NOTHING and meticulously builds an entire universe, simply by saying that it should happen. He speaks and matter forms into a fully developed state, no intermediate prototypes, no testing, just perfect work at every stage of the project.
I have seen some good craftsmen, but only one that literally takes my breath away when I view the intricacies of His project; God, the One worth admiring every day of my life.


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  1. I love it — God certainly has a way with words that causes even the most skilled blogger to stop and sit in awe of His precision and power.

    I’m glad you’re blogging!

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