Making Your Speeches Funny

Laughter: The music of the soul

Increasing your ability to make people laugh will improve your sermons/speeches and add satisfaction to your job. Two things that even the most seasoned pastor/speaker should welcome. To be sure, anyone can get a laugh with a tired joke just like anyone can get a crowd to say, “Good Morning” after saying it once and then making them try it again. Both tactics are pitiful and essentially leave the audience frustrated.
If you want to weave some humor into your sermon/speech that’s fresh from your own mind, then try the following things.
1.    Begin to carry a little notebook and jot down simple observations in life. I follow the advice of author/comedian Judy Carter and create a few categories (things I hate, that worry me, frighten me, are stupid, weird or scary). For example: I hate saving seats, I am scared to go to the auto parts store and I think overprotective parenting is stupid.
2.    Follow the structure of humor. All good comedy has a setup line that is true, understandable and unfunny. The next part is the punch line. That’s where you get the laughs. For example: We were so poor when we got married that we didn’t register for China… …we registered for rent.
3.    Don’t try to be funny. Your job is to make unique observations about things the audience understands – the funny part will take care of itself.
Beware, that adding some ‘funny’ to your sermons will result in your being accused of taking your charge lightly by some of your congregational groaners. However, the rest of your people will thank you for giving them the occasional mental breaks necessary to pay close attention to serious subjects.
If you want more help make a comment and we’ll start laughing together.


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