“Save the World – Don’t Save Seats”

Do you know what started the whole process of this country having problems? It wasn’t when prayer was taken out of schools. It wasn’t when we began depending on foreign oil. It was when people started saving seats for others. That’s right, saving seats have proven to be the beginning of a welfare state.

Here is how it all started. An event was on the calendar that everyone in the community wanted to go to. However, not everybody had their act together enough to get to the event early and get a seat. Thus you immediately divided the population into two groups: (1) those who had their act together and (2) those who didn’t.

Savings seats started out OK, as those who had their act together were eager to help out those who didn’t. However, things began to spiral out of control when those who didn’t began to assume that those who did had an obligation to share the bounty of their efforts with them. They wanted the same view but were unwilling to pay the same price.

What if those who had their act together had simply refused to save seats for those unwilling to get their act together and arrive on time? I’m just saying…


4 Responses

  1. Ooohhhh…am I sensing a Republican moment here?


    Please don’t discourage those seat-savers!! They save seats because they haven’t lost complete hope on those of us who aren’t quite pulled together. It’s their way of acknowledging that we even have the desire to “show up”…I mean, soooo many people just stay home and do nothing. Right?


  2. Just me being funny, nothing more.

  3. Very Nice.

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