Death by PowerPoint

Each Wednesday finds me dutifully seated among friends at the weekly meeting of our local Rotary club. The food is good, the networking is nice but the speakers are typically… …you get the point. I’ve heard speeches on topics running the sprectrum – from prostate health to poultry farming. Most have decent content but the Devil is in the delivery.

Should you ever receive the distinguished privilege of addressing people, you must be prepared. Any fool can bore people. Any fool can talk about something with which they are involved. Few can captivate an audience while speaking about a subject that is less than exhilarating. Perhaps the following will be helpful:

  1. Until you can tell me what you are talking about in one simple sentence you are not ready to talk.
  2. Surface within me a need to listen to you early in your speech.
  3. If you use PowerPoint, don’t just read me the slides. For the love of Pete, you could have just mailed me a letter!
  4. When you have finished your preparations, go back and decide which 50% you are going to leave out, as this is what will separate you from the hacks.
  5. Don’t ask for my attention. Take it!

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  1. […] Posted by Jim Hamilton on July 30, 2008 Justin Beadles tells you how to keep from killing listeners with power point here. […]

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