Death by PowerPoint – Part II

Until you can tell me what you are talking about in one simple sentence you are not ready to talk.

Imagine yourself an expert in poultry production who is asked to address an audience not involved in the industry. A temptation would be to tell me that you are going to talk about the chicken industry. No! No! No! Your topic is too broad. Instead, you should say, “I am here to explain why you should smile every time you pass a truck full of caged chickens.” Then you proceed to explain how the success of your industry helps their lives.

Surface within me (audience) a need to listen to you.

Why do I want to listen to your spiel about chickens? Note: I am always interested in ME, my radio is tuned to WIFM (What’s In it For Me). Thus, you construct your speech on chickens in such a way that it affects ME, ME, ME. Do this and your audience will love you.

Don’t just read the PowerPoint slides!

If I (audience) don’t look at your slide and say, “Ah, now I understand;” or “Wow, that is a good point;” don’t make a slide out it.

After preparing, cut out lots of fluff.

Narrow your subject. Remember you are telling me why I should smile when I pass a truck full of caged chickens. This means you have to cut all your cool statistics on governmental involvment in your industry. You don’t get to drone on about your various district offices and assorted safety procedures. Nope, you have to stick to telling me why I should smile…

Don’t ask for my attention. Take it!

You need not be cheesy, but you must be excited and start with a bang. Asking, “Can everyone hear me?” is not the way to do it.


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  1. Awesome post, my man! I am really digging your posts and your podcasts, too.

    You complete me…


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