Beyond the Church Bulletin

The church bulletin was likely the second thing printed by Gutenberg: it has had more makeovers than Madonna and is read about as often as Nancy Pelosi’s new book. Why? Because it always says the same thing. If you want people to actually read the communications produced by your church then you must rework your copy. Here are some ideas:

  1. Instead of simply announcing an event, tell people a story. Find someone who is excited about going or who went last year, then interview them. For example: “I’m Johnny Bag-o-Donuts, a transmission specialist with 5 kids and a sweet wife named Susannah. Last year I was dreading the thought of joining a small group. It just seemed like a waste of time. Boy was I wrong! It turned out to be a fantastic experience that was totally different than what I was expecting. You should come to the information meeting on Monday night at 7 in the fellowship hall and learn more about how your life could be changed like mine was.”
  2. Use pictures of real people. Digital cameras are getting cheaper everyday. Take a good head shot of your interviewee and place it beside their story.
  3. Your communications should look as professional as your budget allows. Nothing communicates, ‘we don’t care’ like ratty print work. Either try really hard or save the money spent on paper. It doesn’t have to be the slickest, most expensive thing you’ve ever seen. But it should look better than something you would produce with a Big Chief notepad and Husky pencil.

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