The PURPOSE of Good Humor in Speaking

Those seeing the Passion of the Christ in 2005 were given visual breaks from the profound intensity of the movies’ subject matter. You likely recall shots that featured Jesus as a boy or his father, Joseph, attempting to make a table.

Without your realizing it, these moments were what gave your mind a necessary break from the subject. Yes, your mind needed a break. Without such you would still watch the movie but would disengage mentally because it was too intense.

For the same reason, those preaching or speaking about intense subject matters must intentionally use good humor to give their audience an occasional break. Doing so will enable you as a speaker to rescue your audience from the precipice of disengagement.

It’s not about simply being funny. Humor is a powerful tool that will keep an audience focused on that which you are really trying to communicate.

Think of it as a bathroom break on a long journey. Stopping at the right time makes the rest of the trip more enjoyable.


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  1. Great post, my friend. I just added it to our PLI Delicious tag system under Masterful Communication. There are almost 600 web pages tagged there and indexed by our PLI Essentials (Vision, Innovative, Integrity, etc.) Keep up the posting, my friend.

    (I like the new look, also.)


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