Introducing Your Speech Effectively

Sunday found me with the privilege of speaking to a great audience in Austin, TX. I talked about – “Since my mouth steers my marriage; how do I control it?” With this topic I had to prove to my audience that indeed their mouths did steer their marriages. Then, I was able to show them four areas in which they could pay close attention to their words (content, timing, tone and duration).

None of this would have worked without a successful introduction. One that gave them an image to hold, surfaced a need and allowed me to speak to an unknown group about a serious issue. I chose to use five pictures. Here is how it went:

I told the audience we were going to talk some about communication in marriage. (PAUSE) Then I was able to laugh and say that I knew exactly what they were thinking. I displayed this picture and said, “This would be the typical response of ladies when told they were going to get to hear about talking.” (LAUGHTER)

Then displayed this one while saying, “This is how   men typically respond to talks on communication in marriage.” (HUGE LAUGHTER)

I said, “Some of your marriages may look like this car: Superb, the envy of all.”

“Some of your marriages look like this car. They used to be great but need a lot of work.” (LAUGHTER)

“Some of your marriages look like this one. You aren’t sure what happened, but you know it blew up somewhere!” (LAUGHTER)

All of this took about 1-2 minutes and enabled me to get them to visually evaluate the state of their marriages. It led perfectly into me assuring them that no matter what kind of car their marriage looked like, it could be improved by the lessons I was bringing.

A quality introduction sets you as the speaker up for success. If you are interested in finding pictures like these you can go here. If you want to listen to the sermon or read a transcript go here.


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  1. not sure if i am more impressed with the introduction or the pain in my soul that you were about 2 minutes from my house….now that i think about it…i thought that was you driving down mo-pac!!!

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