An Innovative Idea That Improves Your Speaking Skills

You finished reading my last post and likely had a couple of thoughts. Hopefully, the first was, “Good idea, I never thought of that.” The second was, “Great but I’m not a speaker. How am I supposed to put together a great 20 minute presentation and deliver it well?”

The traditional response to your objection would be to direct you to take speech class in community college or join your local Toastmasters club. Both of these are viable but both cost money and they don’t help you with your specific project. Here is a FREE solution that I guarantee you have never considered.

  1. Search the Yellow Pages, internet or here for local churches in your area. You’ll want to stick with churches that are called xxxxx Community Church, or xxxxx Bible Church or xxxxx Fellowship because their speakers usually have a style that is conversational, dynamic and appropriate for business presentations. Churches contain some of the best, most innovative communicators in the world. They create fresh material every week and draw hundreds or thousands of people!
  2. Check out the church’s website. If they don’t have one or it’s hideous then find another church. I assure you they are not good communicators.
  3. Email one of the pastors; explaining to them exactly what you are trying to do and ask them to help you develop your skills. These guys love helping people and it’s FREE. You need not be a Christian or religious in any way to ask them for help. In fact, you can tell them you think it’s all crap but you would still like their help developing your skills. Any pastor worth his salt will still gladly help you. I am so convinced this will work that I will personally help you locate a pastor to help you no matter where you live on planet earth.

Imagine yourself delivering those presentations now that you have received first rate help, for FREE and in your own city. You now can help others with your presentation and increase your income!


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