Introducing With Pictures Says More in Less Time

Pastors (some anyway) have one significant difference from public speakers in that our content is dictated by a particular passage of biblical text. A typical Sunday finds us examining a section (paragraph, chapter, story, etc.) of scripture along with our audience while using speaking skills to guide the listeners to an appropriate conclusion about the subject at hand.

Today, I chose to engage the people of Grace with James 1:19-25. It essentially speaks to the necessity of making spiritual preparations to hear or read the Bible. Without such preparations being made, the hearer/reader will encounter the Bible but leave unchanged. This is the opposite of what should happen.

Here is how I introduced the topic:

I displayed this picture of a frying pan while quickly telling the audience about the invention of the slippery substance known to us as Teflon. Then I mentioned how often we encounter the scriptures, yet walk away without any of it sticking to us. We were Teflon… This used an image, which surfaced a need, which led to the question that needed to be answered: “What must happen in my life in order for the Truth of God’s word to stick?”

While using the scripture to explain the spiritual preparations required for God’s word to stick I displayed this picture of a house desperately in need of paint. It illustrated the necessity of preparation before painting.

Simply painting this structure would accomplish nothing. First, it must be prepared; then it is able to receive the paint.


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