Getting Free Publicity

Obtaining this is often as easy as contacting your local newspaper and showing them a local connection to a national story. What if you thought through how the news related to you and developed real connections? You just might make the paper.

Check out some recent free publicity we received here.


How to ruin a good speech

When you try to speak about more than one thing the audience will never distinguish between the two. Instead of a sandwich and soup. Your speech will be a soupsandwich – gross to think about and even harder to consume. Stick to one issue!

A New Olympic Sport?

One of these Candidates is Cooler than the Other

Jim Gaffigan’s Hot Pocket

Notice how Jim Gaffigan can keep your attention and make you laugh for 5 minutes by simply making succinct observations about a microvable food. If you stay sharply loyal to your topic and make understandable and memorable statements you will keep attention as well.

Speaking With Distractions

You are approaching the most salient portion of your presentation, the audience is with you and things are clicking, then… Bam! Some lady has her cell phone go off. It’s blairing the musical score of Living La Vida Loca and she is feverishly searching for it in her purse that’s the size of a volkswagen.

All is going marvelously until the guy in row three begins to cough like Doc Holliday and seems to be hacking up fur balls or his remaining lung.

What do you do when the wheels come off the wagon right in the middle of your speech?

  1. Watch the eyes of your audience and simply ignore the distraction as long as they do.
  2. Try very hard not to embarrass the offender, not matter how funny it would be.
  3. If I’m losing my audience then I usually go for the non-offensive funny. Usually something about the voices in my head making ring tone noises.
  4. Stay focused and pull the attention of your audience back to you.
  5. Plan ahead. I promise it will happen to you.

How Does Sin Spread?

Jesus often found himself engaged in mental battles with a group known as Pharisees. They enjoyed pulling the pin on a theological grenade and lobbing it at Jesus. He always responded by rolling it back under their table; much to their chagrin.

Matthew 7:1-23 records such an encounter concerning the Pharisees understanding of the nature of sin and how it is spread. They thought it was something others had that they might catch. Therefore, they went to great measures to avoid contact with those determined to be carriers.

This picture helped me illustrate that Christians who insulate themselves from contact with those far from God likely misunderstand that sin is not some you catch. It is something you carry.