India Terrorism


I took these pictures less than a year ago. Then, it was known as the Gateway to India and the Taj Hotel. It’s currently under siege by terrorists.

img_1065This kid makes his living with his cobra. He waits until you take his picture and then tries to shake you down for money. I didn’t pay. He works directly in front of the Taj Hotel. I wonder if he survived?


The Bridge


I’ve crossed this bridge many times. It’s well built and interesting but doesn’t span terrain of a nature that makes it necessary. Were it absent one could manage along this path well enough, save dirty shoes and time delay.

The terrain between God and humans is of a nature that makes a bridge necessary. Without it, the chasm can’t be crossed.

After futile attempts at building my own, I discovered there is only one bridge capable of spanning this chasm and meeting the weight requirements for subsequent traffic. That bridge is Jesus, the Christ. For Him I am truly thankful.

Cardboard Testimony

When you choose your words carefully, you don’t need many to communicate with power.

Bragging on Friends

Opera is out of my league. To me, it’s like modern art. Interesting is some ways, but I just don’t get it.

Something I do understand and admire is servanthood. Yes, servanthood. The using of one’s abilities in the service of others. Sometimes for money, sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s just the right thing to do.

Dr. Scott LaGraff and his wife Kim are classically trained and professionally proven opera singers. They have made their living on the stage. img_0164

When invited by a friend to sing the Lord’s Prayer in the ring of his cattle auction, they accepted and performed with gusto. That’s servanthood: No crying, no list of demands, but a simple and humble willingness to use one’s talents in the service of a friend.

img_0165The venue could have been bigger but their pastor could not have been prouder.

The Perfect Mixture



The bench on top is interesting but not very useful. The one on bottom is useful but not very interesting. When speaking publicly I work hard to achieve the perfect yet elusive mixture of useful and interesting. I am still learning; are you?

Living in a Fog


My journey as one who follows Christ has been intermittently shrouded in fog for some lengthy periods of time. In those times, it’s hard for me to see the promises of the future or the faithfulness of the past.

During the times when I can see the least; I have to trust my navigational equipment (the Bible & the Spirit enabling me to understand Truth) the most. It goes against every natural instinct in me, but has proven the only reliable option.

Have you ever found yourself in the fog?

Death by PowerPoint III


Rotary International meetings are worth my attending only because they consistently provide good examples of horrible presentations. After being subjected to multiple variations of this slide I left the meeting no wiser and more frustrated. I’m guessing that was not the goal of the speaker.

If you (the speaker) will remind yourself of a few things prior to your next presentation/sermon/class we will all profit.

  1. Nobody gives a rip how many degrees I have. I must grab their attention.
  2. Nobody intrinsically cares about what I do. I MUST show them why what I do matters in their personal life.
  3. Everyone in my audience has a cell phone with games, email and texting. I can’t cry about it. I must be more interesting!
  4. If people don’t look at my PowerPoint/Keynote slide and near instantly say, “Now I get it.” Don’t use it.