Death by PowerPoint III


Rotary International meetings are worth my attending only because they consistently provide good examples of horrible presentations. After being subjected to multiple variations of this slide I left the meeting no wiser and more frustrated. I’m guessing that was not the goal of the speaker.

If you (the speaker) will remind yourself of a few things prior to your next presentation/sermon/class we will all profit.

  1. Nobody gives a rip how many degrees I have. I must grab their attention.
  2. Nobody intrinsically cares about what I do. I MUST show them why what I do matters in their personal life.
  3. Everyone in my audience has a cell phone with games, email and texting. I can’t cry about it. I must be more interesting!
  4. If people don’t look at my PowerPoint/Keynote slide and near instantly say, “Now I get it.” Don’t use it.

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