Passion is Infectious

Persons seeking theological training at a seminary of any worth are required to study the languages, Hebrew and Greek. Neither is easy.

Professors tasked with training theological students make choices. The actions of some demonstrate their choice to simply issue assignments and proctor exams. Thus, the students essentially teach themselves the languages. This would never be admitted, but can be observed. Others, and they are few, are in love with their subject to a degree that is infectious. They sell the subject. They show the value of learning the languages. They truly teach.

Great professors are not all good public speakers. They don’t have to be. Great professors have an ability to surface within the student the need to learn. Need isn’t surfaced by whining, brow beating or blogging about miniscule or major theological issues.

Jim Hamilton, a great professor, surfaces the need to learn by consistently showing personal habits that feed a crazed devotion to his subject. He speaks well and often about his life being changed by the continued study of Hebrew and Greek. That’s infectious. That, my friend, makes students want to learn.

It is your job as a speaker/professor/preacher to create an environment that makes people want to learn. If you can’t or won’t do that, please find employment elsewhere. You would best serve seminaries, schools or churches as a financial donor.


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