Speaking When You Don’t Feel Like It


In 1985 my left shoulder was broken while playing football. This injury occurred at the same time I was scheduled to compete in several speech contests with the National FFA Organization. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like speaking. I was sporting a 28 pound cast on a 130 pound body and couldn’t wear a shirt.

Thankfully, my Dad made me speak anyway. I learned more about myself from those experiences than if I’d sat out because things weren’t perfect.

The situation will never be perfect; speak anyway. You will never speak as well as you think you should; speak anyway. You will be ill on the appointed day; speak anyway. Adversity will improve you.


One Response

  1. So much to say about this one… let me summarize.

    1. Did you want to ask a question in this pic?
    2. You’re allowed to wear a shirt at FFA?
    3. Good to see you’ve maintained the same weight since high school.
    4. I was 3 when this photo was taken…

    That’s it for now.

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