Talk about Tough

I knew Glen was a tough dude when we served together in the U.S. Army. Now I have a renewed respect as he is the only guy I know to survive being shot 17 times – that’s right 17 – with an M16.

Perhaps you should thank the Lord that He makes men like this, who serve to protect us all.


3 Responses

  1. More detail!

    This is a sermon illustration waiting to happen. Where was he shot (I mean what part of the world)? Who shot him? Was it a battle or a drive by thing?

    Details, man, details!


  2. He was working with a SWAT team in Arizona. The criminal fired 47 rounds and struck Glen 17 times. The Lord used body armor and quick thinking comrades to save his life.

  3. Wow. That’s pretty incredible. That tops the guy I know that’s been struck by lightening twice and survived – hands down.

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