FAIL @ Fox Sports Grill


Any chance this could have been worded differently?


Connecting the Dots


Push your cart to the nearest corral. This seems a simple request yet it’s rarely followed.

In the game of public speaking we ask people to perform simple applications. However, if we don’t overcome their objections these applications will rarely be followed. We must explain for them why they should apply their new knowledge.

Doing it Anyway

Life is full of doing things you don’t want to do. Why not just laugh and do them anyway. If you want to be a better public speaker you must study and practice – neither of which are fun. Laugh and do them anyway.

Harold Hoehner: A Tough Professor

He was hard on me and countless others at Dallas Theological Seminary. Each of us are better for it. Today, he died and entered into the everlasting presence of Jesus.

You won’t remember the easy professors. You will never forget those who made you work. Thankyou Dr. Hoehner.

An Intringuing Response to Being Given a Bible

Difficult Subjects


From a distance this tree looks easy to climb. From a distance, many issues (parenting, divorce/remarriage, etc.) look easy to address. Certainly, they must be addressed.

I find it helps to simply remind myself that the process will be bloody.