Alvin and the Implements

IMG_0410Today I spent time attempting to develop a better understanding of the various machines and implements being used to assist my Dad as he fights for his life. As I read about Intra-aortic balloon pumps and pulmonary artery catheters, three things impressed me very deeply:

  1. Studying the mechanisms employed for his recovery helps me better grasp the gravity of his state.
  2. The better I grasp the gravity (understand how sick he is), the sweeter will be my rejoicing at his recovery.
  3. My relationship with Jesus matures and is increasingly appreciated by working these same principles.

I also spent time walking around the parking lot crying. Not a full blown freak-out, just a little fall-apart. Typically not a part of my repertoire, but humbling and helpful. Yes I’m a pastor. Pastors are human.

Dad is slowly improving and has had no meaningful setbacks. Think of his situation as a journey. If Alaska represents full recovery and we began in Oklahoma City; then we are probably somewhere in Kansas about now. Maybe I should stop asking, “Are we there yet?”


4 Responses

  1. Justin-
    We are still praying for Alvin and Phyllis and your family. Thanks for sharing not only the details, but your heart. I was not only informed, but moved and strengthened in my faith by your words. I enjoyed spending some time with you on Monday. I see why your dad loves you so much and is proud of you. Actually- he would love you no matter what. He is a great man. You are becoming the same.

  2. Thank you Justin for keeping us updated. We have prayed and prayed, Alvin will be fine, because we have not known him long enough. Let us know when he hits the Canadian border and well head down there to see him. And if you have problems at the border let me know, I have friends with the border patrol, well not so much as friends as guys chasing me for trying to bring illegal Canadian aliens in that wanted expensive health care insurance;) sorry real bad joke!

  3. It is wonderful that you are updating us on his condition. I was in the LeadershipOAR class with Alvin and 11 others. All of his class mates are keeping him in our thougts. We look forward to reading about his improvement. He is strong and will make it through this I’m sure.

  4. Justin,

    You’ve taught me a lot over the years, especially when you took the time to meet with me each week while I was trying to get into seminary. I just want you to know that you’re teaching me a lot more right now through all of this. Thanks for the update — I’m still praying.

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