Alvin Beadles – Update #3

IMG_4934_RexAlvinIt’s tempting to ask, “How can God allow a good man like Alvin Beadles to endure such suffering?” Let’s get this straight. Alvin Beadles is not a good man. You read it right. Alvin Beadles is not a good man.

You may say, “But Justin, the comments on this blog alone attest to his ethics. In fact, you, yourself have called him your hero.” Relax, let me explain.

My Dad isn’t a good man. He is a sinful man. Left to his own, his heart would demonstrate that sinfulness at every opportunity. However, he has benefited from the only true remedy for sin. He has a personal relationship with Jesus. A relationship established not by his goodness or ethics but by his believing that Jesus died on the cross as a substitute for his sinfulness. Dad isn’t a good man. Dad is a man made good. There is a huge difference.

Dad often says, “Every day is a good day, some are just better than others.” Today was better than others. He had the balloon pump removed and subsequently held his ground. A big step in the right direction. While his continued being in sleepy sleepy land is hard for us, it’s best for him. He’s had a little set back with contraction of pneumonia, but is thus far responding to treatment.

I am optimistic that he will make a full recovery. This optimism isn’t based upon me seeing an outline of turtle doves on a powdered doughnut this morning. I’m optimistic because Jesus, the sustainer of life, wants me to be so. Some day Dad will die. But I will never make friends with Death.


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  1. Justin, Patricia called me today and gave me this website. I just wanted you to know that I’ll be checking on it to follow his condition. I let Lyndell/Elaine know this info. too. Elaine e-mailed back and said that she would be sure Lyndell know too. They may try to come visit at some point. Hang in there…I know that it’s hard to go through all of this…hours at the hospital. I hope you are able to take breaks…go shower at someone’s house. We have GOBS of family around there. I think Sheila is in Italy right now??? I’m not sure how close your aunts/uncles live to the hospital. I’m thinking that Lyndell doesn’t live too far from there.
    Thanks for the updates…the family is in our prayers. Alvin is a fighter…I’m sure he will pull out of this.
    Alisa Yancey

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