Alvin Beadles – Update #4

IMG_4961_RileyAlvinAnother saying or Alvinism as we call them is this: “Son, if you know you have a whipping coming, take it now.” Meaning, that one should squarely face reality and willingly engage the rigors of life.

Today I was able to speak these words to my Dad and he spoke back. Never can I recall being more excited to hear the voice of my Dad. Since posting last, he’s had his ventilator removed, bobbed up and down a bit, but overall held his own. The medical team is impressed with his progress but dutifully reminds us that he is still very sick.

In keeping with the Alvinism, I told him exactly what had happened and what he faced. I pray now that he would be given the grace to embrace the pain and continue to take the whipping.

His intermittent consciousness and accelerated progress has obviously excited me. Yet, today I’ve found myself sorting through a new set of emotions; an odd combination of joy and fear. Crazy, but catching myself thinking, “Don’t jinx it.”

That’s lunacy. I know better. May the Lord guide my heart and emotions toward a firmer grip of Truth.

Your prayers are appreciated and comments are cherished. Thank you for your support.


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  1. Oh Thank you Justin for keeping us updated and are crying FOR JOY that he has improved this much. We know he is not out of trouble yet, but we know who does…. I remeber telling your dad that we had several properties listed, but they all had problems and Alvin said “Travis, thank God they have problems, otherwise a monkey could do your job”. He ALWAYS knows what to say.
    Thamk You

  2. Your Dad’s attitude has and will always take him far. when he called to tell me of the surgery, he said “Well, they expect things to go like clockwork, but if they don’t, I’ve had fun growing this old”….he was so relaxed about the whole thing. Patricia and I had to ask…isn’t this a serious thing??
    When this is all over, I will be interested to talk to him….did he have any “dreams”?? You remember Uncle Carl?? He had several heart surgeries. He had an anurism (sp????) burst while on the operating table…they had to bring him back.(he lived several yrs. after that) He told me that he saw heaven, and how beautiful it was… I’ll always remember our conversation.
    Tell your dad we are all thinking of him. His positive attitude and his faith will get him through all of this…and he will have a good story to tell his family! 🙂

  3. Justin/Heather, I have been reading every post and email carefully and have been praying for Alvin’s recovery and peace to you and your family. What hospital are you guys at? Would love to make a personal visit and hug your necks…


  4. Way to go Justin !!! You are perfectly normal. I remember going through these same feelings and emotions when my Mom almost died last year. Still…….Let your focus be on the big picture, as you know, it’s not about us and ALL about Him. Look how many people are being touched by this one man’s suffering. My Grandmother and I told God from the very beginning of her “end ” that whoever He could reach through our suffering….. we would do it. Ok, like we had a choice but, we were still willing to be used by Him in our time of graet hardship. Our focus had to be, not my will but yours. Everyday I felt like I wore the Holy Spirit like a new set of clothes. Hard, yes !!! Rewarding and a true blesssing….Absolutly yes !!! I know it’s hard but keep it up….there are others watching. Love and praying for all of you daily, Kim

  5. Justin, I look forward to your earthly father introducing us one day. The posts are much appreciated. Prayers are being sent for all.

  6. Justin,
    Mr. Ed and I (Alvin’s auctioneer friends) would like to know what hospital your dad is in. Can we send something to decorate and brighten his room? We want to stay updated on his progress. Your family s in our prayers.
    Janna Wilson
    Mr. Ed’s Auction Co.

  7. Justin & Family,
    You are in my prayers just as I know we were in yours earlier this year (my Dad is Bob Nelson). I will pray that each of has the strenghth needed to get through this. Your expression of love for your dad is touching.- Karen Flores

  8. I saw your dad at the OSAA convention in February and told him a bit about my own health battle that began in August. My internal medicine specialist told me he had no medical or scientific explanation for my survival. He could only say that I am alive due to answered prayers. I am living proof that God answers prayers when medicine has no answer. A Higher Power responds. I am praying for that response now.
    Janna Wilson

  9. Justin
    I just got back in from a long road trip and saw what is going on with your Dad. My prayers are for your Dad, for you, and for all of your family. God is with you. He always is.

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