Alvin Beadles – Update #8

IMG_0417Dad got winched into a chair again today and tolerated it well for about 9 hours. I think he is aware of the change, and if so, believe this encourages him tremendously.

Seeing this picture hopefully allows you to be encouraged in your prayers. He is slowly, slowly improving. It also shows how sick he remains. Those blue tubes and the attached machine behind his head (ventilator) need to go bye bye. May the Lord be pleased to strengthen his lungs to an extent that makes this possible. None of the medical staff posit guesses on time; they are solely focused on winning.

Heather (my wife) took me to downtown OKC for dinner and a trip thru the Bass Pro Shop. It was great being with her but I got all emotional thinking about memories made with Dad in that part of town and how much fun he would have watching his grandkids stare at the fish in the store. I bet if the Doctors did a ManScan on me they’d discover I’m sprouting ovaries.

We are winning, but this is a game of inches. You honor us with your prayers for Dad’s recovery and our family’s strength. May the Lord give us the grace to daily and intentionally place Dad’s life in his hands.


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  1. Justin,
    Thank you so much for keeping us all updated! Time does fly by, but it seems to stand still right now for your family. We are praying for your Dad. When the time is right tell him Travis & Debbie say hello, we love him and he will be needed in Kansas City to sell a building! Ovaries,,,too funny.. THANK YOU

  2. Thanks for the information, Justin. We as a church continue to pray for Alvin and Phyllis, as well as you and Grant- and all the family. May the Lord carry you now with His sufficient grace. Emotions are not a bad thing. How blessed you are that God has allowed you to have a past and a daddy that allow emotions to be a reality. God uses everything to make us totally dependent upon Him. Certainly that is where you are right now. Enjoy the peace that passes understanding. Tell your mom I said hi, and that I am praying for her.

  3. Elli and I are laughing at your ovaries comment. She and Breck think you’re still a tough guy, so don’t worry. Continuing to pray…

  4. Don’t come back until you have the ovaries removed….otherwise we’ll have to replace you in the pulpit!! Praying for you and with you ….

  5. I just received the news today of your Dad’s battle. This picture reminded me of our son’s near fatal accident about 8 years ago. Your Mom and Dad took t time out of their busy lives to come by the OKC hospital to visit with Ray and I while we to waited to see if the Lord would spare Marc’s life. ( He graciously did….PTL) Alvin was Marc’s FFA instructor at Thomas and was a positive influence to him. I will keep you all in our prayers. Remember Psalms 121!

  6. Ovaries aren’t that bad. Especially if you help more with vacuuming. Praying -amanda.

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