Alvin Beadles – Update #9

IMG_0419Today has been amazing. Early this morning, the Lord mercifully allowed Dad’s ventilator to be removed and he’s held his ground all day. May the Lord be pleased to allow him to continue to strengthen and to be finished with the ventilator for good.

Given the fragility of this transition, the staff are understandably limiting our contact with Dad and discouraging visitors for a short while. We don’t want to flood the carberator again.

When awake, he is understandably confused at times, but overall we can see the real Alvin Beadles beginning to shine through.

I’m so proud of Dad, but even prouder of Mom. Through all, she has maintained a faithfulness to Dad and Jesus that can’t be faked. She’s tougher by half than the rest of our family.

Please pray that Dad would continue to improve, beat pneumonia and feel comforted by Jesus as he struggles through the mental fog.


4 Responses

  1. Rejoicing with you in these incremental victories! — continuing in prayer. Thanks for the update Justin.

  2. Yeah! So glad to hear this good news!!

  3. Justin thank you for taking the time to let us all know
    how your dad is!!! We stopped by tonight about 6:30.
    I was in one doctors office and the other all day. It
    seems I am going to have a stress test. They think at this time I am having heart issues too. Tell mom we came by. Please know we are praying for your dad but, for all of you as well!!!!

  4. That is wonderful! We continue to pray with you for God’s complete healing. It was good seeing you all. Hope we can see each other again when Alvin is out of the hospital.

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