Alvin Beadles – Update #10

IMG00038The last 36 hours have proved incredible for Dad. The picture says it all. Finally able to eat, but those who know him can see the mental fog in his countenance.

He is beginning to connect the dots, though he sometimes thinks he’s in New York or it’s time to bale hay. All of this is temporary and expected.

We have definitely turned a corner, yet more corners remain to be turned. May the Lord be pleased to even out his body systems such that the remaining IV medications may be discontinued. This must happen before he can be graduated from ICU.


9 Responses

  1. I never thought the sight of seeing your Dad eating would bring tears to my eyes. Debbie & I love your dad so much and are praying that God gives us the chance to get to know him even better. We are so thankful that God brought him into our lives.

  2. Unreal! But our God is amazing!

  3. I just hollered at Nate to come see (he even abandoned the Bball game on TV to check out this post)!!! We are SOOOO excited and encouraged to see your dad feeding himself. How amazing! Keep it up, God and Alvin!!

  4. Wonderful to see him eating….it won’t be long until he’s out of ICU now!! YEAH!

  5. God be praised!!! We are so thrilled at just a tiny step that Alvin has taken, real food. Alvin, forget the salads, cooked cereal, which they will bring, hard toast & tough meat. Just go for that ice cream or jello. That is what brought Loren out of ICU two years ago. We now pray your system loves everything you feed it and that your strength comes back soon. Loren & I pray so much for you and your sweet family, yes, even Justin!!!!!!
    Janice Just

  6. Yeah!!! Such a blessing for you all to see him awake and even eating. We will still be praying and praising God for today.

  7. So glad to see the progress your dad has made. He sure is a strong man to recover from all he has been through. Still praying that he will be out of ICU soon, and thanking God for His mercies.

  8. Now this is great! Just to see real food and a diet Coke. Hopefully, the infection is under control and progress will continue. Thank you, Jesus.

  9. Praising God for the progress. So glad we serve a GREAT BIG Miracle working God. We will pray for Alvin to progress so that he can come out of ICU and to continue to heal and recover.

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