Alvin Beadles – Update #16

IMG00048At Dad’s first post-hospitalization appointment the surgeon said, “You are my miracle man.” This, from a doctor deep into his career and not inclined to such descriptions.

Has Dad’s recovery been miraculous? I don’t know. At minimum it’s defied statistics.

Doing excessive mental calisthenics solely on this issue won’t take me where I ultimately need to go. Focusing exclusively on miracle speak is like watching a chicken dance the cha-cha: You leave impressed, but essentially unchanged.

I ultimately need to go to the place where I’m both impressed and changed. This seems to necessitate my asking questions like:

  • How can I get a clearer understanding of Jesus as he superintends Dad’s recovery?
  • What must be focused upon for me to increasingly submit to, and honor Jesus instead of merely being impressed by his preserving of Dad’s life?
  • How might I be increasingly humbled by the grace that’s lavished upon me?

After getting out of bed, showering and shaving – Dad is ready for a nap. His legs are still pretty swollen and parts of his right hand remain temporarily paralyzed. He hurts less but still lots.

In spite of this, he and Mom are enroute to Kerrville, TX (500 miles away) for an Auctioneers Convention this weekend. As only Dad can say, “I can hurt and be tired at work, or I can hurt and be tired at home… …might as well go to work.” Yes, they are crazy. But it’s a good crazy.


2 Responses

  1. My faith has been stretched and grown along this bumpy ride — thank you for including us.

  2. Your Dad sounds just like Billy Tye !!! That hard headedness and God’s hand pulling him along is what got him where he is today !! Many joyous years ahead with your Dad !!! Sooo happy for all of you !! Kim

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