The Importance of Staff Development


Some take planes to conferences. We went to Fire Mountain and rode the Scrambler. Pure White Trash at its finest.


If you are prone to complain.

FAIL @ Fox Sports Grill


Any chance this could have been worded differently?

Pick up Your Own Trash

I thought persons attending the coronation of Obama cared deeply about the environment and waste. Here’s a tip: Pick up your own trash and place it in an appropriate container!

Contrast the above picture with the following quote regarding the state of the National Mall after being used at the Promise Keepers rally in 1997: “After the rally, theĀ Promise Keepers unveiled a garbage management system that impressed National Park Service managers. ‘They went through and bagged everything,’ said Gerry Gaumer, deputy site manager for the Mall, who said he had never seen another group leave it as clean after a big event.” Read the whole story here.

Food for thought.

No Wonder They Struggle

Pictured here is the 2007 Master Contract between the UAW and Ford. Perhaps this is a problem?



I took this photo in the ER of one of the hospitals in Nacogdoches. Hmmm…

Change the Package


Nothing changed but the package. I’m still the same impulsive, resilient, deep, shallow, trusting, questioning, brave and scared guy that I’ve always been. When are you going to take some risks and change the way you communicate (packaging) in the interest of deeper connections with your audience?