Finding God’s Will

Some have found this helpful, perhaps you may as well. Credit is deserved by Kevin DeYoung, author of Just Do Something. His worked greatly influenced my thoughts and the structure of this sermon.


Seeking God Isn’t Mystical: It Requires Study

How Big is Your Package?

IMG_0438Three massive boxes arrived at the office recently. Our office manager excitedly opened her shipment of umbrellas from Target. How many do you think could be shipped in boxes of such magnitude? If you guessed THREE you were right. Who is the genius at Target who fills an order of three umbrellas in three separate and giant boxes?

Alas, from this some lessons in public speaking/preaching are gained.

The package (PowerPoint, dancing bear, unicycle act) can’t overpower the content.

  1. Study the contents, then choose the most efficient and effective method of delivery. Any old method won’t do.


Alvin Beadles – Update #4

IMG_4961_RileyAlvinAnother saying or Alvinism as we call them is this: “Son, if you know you have a whipping coming, take it now.” Meaning, that one should squarely face reality and willingly engage the rigors of life.

Today I was able to speak these words to my Dad and he spoke back. Never can I recall being more excited to hear the voice of my Dad. Since posting last, he’s had his ventilator removed, bobbed up and down a bit, but overall held his own. The medical team is impressed with his progress but dutifully reminds us that he is still very sick.

In keeping with the Alvinism, I told him exactly what had happened and what he faced. I pray now that he would be given the grace to embrace the pain and continue to take the whipping.

His intermittent consciousness and accelerated progress has obviously excited me. Yet, today I’ve found myself sorting through a new set of emotions; an odd combination of joy and fear. Crazy, but catching myself thinking, “Don’t jinx it.”

That’s lunacy. I know better. May the Lord guide my heart and emotions toward a firmer grip of Truth.

Your prayers are appreciated and comments are cherished. Thank you for your support.

Lasting Impressions


Independent of your desires; the simple act of speaking is destined to leave an impression upon your audience. You must determine the honorable impression you want to make and then labor hard to that end.

Emphasis Matters


Do they mean that you can’t secure the reservation of this facility by plying the attendant with alcohol? Of course not, but it’s a picture of lazy communication. If you have only 30 seconds or 5 minutes in which to speak, choose your emphasis wisely.

Connecting the Dots


Push your cart to the nearest corral. This seems a simple request yet it’s rarely followed.

In the game of public speaking we ask people to perform simple applications. However, if we don’t overcome their objections these applications will rarely be followed. We must explain for them why they should apply their new knowledge.