How Big is Your Package?

IMG_0438Three massive boxes arrived at the office recently. Our office manager excitedly opened her shipment of umbrellas from Target. How many do you think could be shipped in boxes of such magnitude? If you guessed THREE you were right. Who is the genius at Target who fills an order of three umbrellas in three separate and giant boxes?

Alas, from this some lessons in public speaking/preaching are gained.

The package (PowerPoint, dancing bear, unicycle act) can’t overpower the content.

  1. Study the contents, then choose the most efficient and effective method of delivery. Any old method won’t do.



Connecting the Dots


Push your cart to the nearest corral. This seems a simple request yet it’s rarely followed.

In the game of public speaking we ask people to perform simple applications. However, if we don’t overcome their objections these applications will rarely be followed. We must explain for them why they should apply their new knowledge.

The Power of the Pause

Nick uses humor and voice modulation well. Perhaps most effective is his marvelous use of the p   a   u   s   e. Using it well increases your effectiveness exponentially.

Speaking When You Don’t Feel Like It


In 1985 my left shoulder was broken while playing football. This injury occurred at the same time I was scheduled to compete in several speech contests with the National FFA Organization. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like speaking. I was sporting a 28 pound cast on a 130 pound body and couldn’t wear a shirt.

Thankfully, my Dad made me speak anyway. I learned more about myself from those experiences than if I’d sat out because things weren’t perfect.

The situation will never be perfect; speak anyway. You will never speak as well as you think you should; speak anyway. You will be ill on the appointed day; speak anyway. Adversity will improve you.

Make it Obvious


Hotels have long issued key cards enabling one to gain access to their room. Why bury the tiny directional arrow at the feet of Tiger Woods? Why not make the point of the card obvious?

When speaking publicly I try to make my points obvious. Anything less leads to frustration.

You Have to be Tough


In the game of public speaking, particularly preaching, you will receive feedback. Most will be unsolicited and thoughtless comments that vary between “Good game” and “You suck.” Rarely you will receive a well thought comment and rarer still you will receive feedback that is actually helpful. This means you have to be tough if you are going to survive in this arena. Nobody I know is tougher than this man. I call him Dad, and am thankful he passed it on.

Idea + $20 + Effort = Priceless Illustration

Rather than subjecting my audience to a Death by PowerPoint presentation about Church finance issues, I chose a different path. The result enabled me to communicate the necessities while leaving them with the singular challenge: “Will I carry a cup?”


In this illustration the water in the tub equals the money required to fund the five pipelines of ministry at Grace Bible Church. In order to keep all five valves fully open then everyone must carry a cup as there exists no magic money water hose.

Comment or contact me for the plans should you wish to build an illustration of your own.