If you are prone to complain.


Keeping Inventory

In my line of work, one tends to accumulate many books. Until now a catastrophe would have left me wishing I had a good inventory. Try this free site to keep track of your books. Update: Borrowing (from your church nursery check-in station) a laser light, scanner thing that beeps on bar codes sped this project exponentially.

Let Them Try


I have very few memories of playing with my Dad. I have a boat load of him patiently showing me how to do things and then letting me try. Even if I screwed up, he would continue to let me try. I learned that screwing up is part of learning.

Hopefully I’m passing this on to my kids by including them in projects. Are you?

P.S. Churches are often so afraid of the screw up factor that they won’t let people try. Funny, Jesus lets me try things that I screw up all the time.